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Blue toes at Blue Springs

We are very fortunate to have so many beauty spots in New Zealand and coming from the UK I still relish the fact that most are quiet and free with a tremendous lack of commercialisation.

There are free car parks at most of these gorgeous locations and generally there are not any ice cream/hot dog/bucket & spade vans touting their wares (but actually I think there have been times when we could have sold cold drinks or cups of tea from the bus and it would have been welcomed!).

One of my favourite spots (so far) is The Blue Spring / Te Waihou Walkway near Putaruru

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The P in L&P

I mentioned in an earlier post (about Thames) that I would come back to give more details on Paeroa.. so here we go…

You may, or may not  – depending where you live and if you’ve ever visited New Zealand – have heard of L&P.

It’s world-famous in New Zealand. Read More…

Falling waters of New Zealand

There are many in New Zealand.
Breathtaking beautiful, many are dramatic and quite spectacular.
Big, small, narrow, wide.
But all impressive in their own way.

McLaren Falls near Tauranga Read More…

My bucket list…..

In no particular order – and with no better name for it – this is a list of places I’d like to go and things I’d like to do … at some point in time. Read More…

Our bus has wings…

…and we could quite honestly not travel around New Zealand without them.

The Kiwi Blog Bus may be a little dishevelled and in need of some cosmetic attention but it very proudly wears its red wings and Read More…

Doing it in public

New Zealanders may or may not know that their free public barbecues are a source of wonder to many travellers.
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I was struck with Howick…..

… and saw the most lovely prospect.

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Time for a poll …..

Views from a bus part 1

They say sometimes less is more so todays post is less words.. more pictures…

This is a selection of shots I’ve managed to get from the window or doorway while we have been away in the bus enjoying New Zealand.

Enjoy. New Zealand.

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Get DOCked up

We have several options when deciding where to park up overnight and I’ll be mentioning them all in time.

This post is going to cover just one…. Read More…


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